About me

My full name is actually Annelotte, but nobody ever calls me that – and I am a 26 year old girl currently living in Rotterdam, forever taking on new endeavors in the world of  video and installation. My current craft is video-director and brand designer at Coolblue. Before this, I worked as a junior video-director at KAAPS.

Summer 2016 I graduated my Bachelor of Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy, specialized in audiovisual design and autonomous practices.

My strength lies in storytelling, conceptualizing (online) identities and immersive installations.

Some other interests:
besides directing video’s, I occasionally work as a video-artist/VJ, developing custom art for festivals, art exhibitions, universities, but also more autonomous work for myself and other interested individuals. Some of these projects are published here. I also work as a host/creative mind for ShowroomMAMA, based in Rotterdam.

In 2014, I did my internship at WERCcollective, this is where my love for projection-mapping and new media (Kinect, VR, Raspberry Pi) started. I have been developing VJ work and other projector-based installations ever since.

And then there’s the cycling around, petting cats, plants, and the ever growing need for new interests accompanied by the realization that the more I learn, the less I seem to know.

Please feel free to contact me, ask as many questions as you’d like,


+316 380 700 15





KvK: 70004439